Blue Lagoon Car Wash

Welcome to the best car wash in Northeast Cedar Rapids. Blue Lagoon features 5 self-wash bays, 2 touchless automatic wash bays, and six vacuum stations.  

There is plenty of room to towel dry and we are told our 6 vacuum station is the best in town.  Each of our bays accept debit and credit cards -- in addition,  gift and fleet cards are available for purchase.

5 Self-Service Bays

  • Hot Pre Wash - Removes grime, road oils and bugs
  • Foam Brush - Just like hand washing in your driveway
  • Spot Free Rinse - 99.5% of minerals have been removed from the rinse water so spots won't remain on your car.

Touchless Automatic Car Wash

  • Express Wash for $5 (basic wash, rinse, and spot free)
  • Deluxe Wash for $6 (adds the Under-Carriage feature to the basic wash)
  • Premium Wash for $8 (adds a two step pre-soak for when you're really dirty!)
  • Ultimate Wash for $9 (includes everything listed above plus a clear coat protectant) 

Scratch Free

A touchless wash won't scratch your car's paint like those others that clean with a brush.  Over time, brushes leave significant scratch marks on your cars paint.


Our average customer spends less than 10 minutes and approximately $4 to wash their car with our self-serve wash bays.  How much water and time is spent when you wash at home?

Gift & Fleet Cards

Gift cards are available in any denomination starting at $20.  They are rechargable and include 15% bonus cash each time you renew.  

Fleet cards allow more than one person to share an account, making them great for a business or even a family.

Stop by our office or call us with your questions.