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Pool and Spa Chemicals

Pool and Spa Chemicals

We carry a variety of Pool and Spa chemicals including    Algaecides, ph Balancers, Sanitizers and Oxidizers from:

Chemical F.A.Q.

What can I do if algae shows up in my pool?
We offer many solutions based on your individual needs and will make educated recommendations after performing a water sample test. Most often, algae occurs when sufficient sanitizer levels are not maintained.

My water looks cloudy. How can I fix that?
Your best course of action is to bring a water sample in.  Cloudy water can occur from a variety of reasons ranging from improperly balanced water or low sanitizer level to poor filtration.  We'll test your water and provide personalized instructions on the best corrective measures. 

What is the purpose of sanitizing my pool?
Sanitizing pool water kills bacteria that can be harmful to bathers and also aids in controlling algae. You need to constantly check and maintain your sanitizer level because bacteria enter the pool continuously from many sources.  Omni and Spa Essentials offer several chlorine and bromine based sanitizer options.

What is Free Available Chlorine?
This is the active chlorine in the water that has not combined with organic matter and is therefore available for killing bacteria and algae. The proper range for free chlorine residual is 1-3 ppm. Below 1 ppm can cause swimmer irritation, cloudy water and even allow algae to grow. You should test often throughout the summer when the pool is used most.

Why do I have to "shock" my pool water?
"Shocking" your pool water chemically destroys the organic contaminants introduced by bathers and the environment.  It restores water clarity, helping to maintain water balance and eliminate the main causes of eye and nose irritation.

What products can help me with stains caused by metals in the water or scale from forming?
The best course of action is preventative. Use ProTeam Metal Magic when you first fill your pool for the season and continue with routine maintenance. ProTeam Spa Metal Magic will quickly remove iron, copper, silver, manganese and high calcium hardness from your water. It will remove metal stains and help prevent scale formation in pumps and equipment.

How often should I clean my pool filter?
It is recommended that pool filters be cleaned at least two times a pool season - mid-summer and in the fall - or more often if needed. The filter should also be cleaned at spring opening if it wasn't cleaned as part of the pool closing procedure in the fall.

What is pH?
It's a way to measure the acidity or alkalinity of water. This is the most important part of chemical balance because it protects the equipment, allows the sanitizer to do its best job and increases swimmer enjoyment.  The ideal range is 7.2 to 7.6 

What is total alkalinity (TA)?
It's a measure of the water's ability to resist changes in pH. pH can be affected by environmental factors such as acid rain, pollution, run-off from the surrounding land, and fertilizers-just to name a few. Keeping the TA at the proper range will help prevent pH from fluctuating and help prevent scale and cloudy water.
Ideal range 125 to 150 ppm 

What is calcium hardness (CH)?
It's the amount of dissolved calcium in the water. Keeping CH at the proper range will help protect equipment and keep water sparkling. It also helps prevent cloudy water.
Ideal range 175 to 225 ppm (200 to 275 ppm for plaster and SoftSwim®) 

What is Chlorine Demand?
Chlorine Demand is the consistent inability to maintain a chlorine residual in a pool.  It is caused by a build up of contaminants which creates an "overload" on the sanitizing system.  Quite simply, it means that more sanitizer is required than is being provided to the water. 

There are two ways to treat chlorine demand.  The first is to add the appropriate amount of chlorine.  The second way to treat chlorine demand is to drain some of the water and replace with fresh water.  While this will not completely take care of the demand, it can help lower the amount of product needed.

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